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Speech Pathology

Communication Assessment

Communication Stratergies

Language De

Swallow assessments 

Empowering communication, one word at a time

You won’t be able to stop talking about Abundant Living Speech Pathologists, we are a highly-skilled, highly motivated team of professionals who take great pride in helping our clients to express themselves and communicate effectively as well as ensure adequate nutrition through swallow assessments. We provide our mobile and telehealth allied Speech Pathology services to the suburbs of Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and The Redland bay.

What Can We Help You With

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Communication Skills

We work with individuals who have difficulty communicating effectively, including speech sounds, fluency, voice, and language.


Knee Pain

Relieving you knee pains using methods such as joint mobilization, and ergonomic advice to prevent further injury.

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Swallowing Abilities

We assess swallowing function, providing therapy to improve swallowing skills, and recommending strategies.


Neck & Shoulder Pain

Physiotherapy can help relieve neck and shoulder pain through a combination of exercises and a professional help.

What is Speech Pathology?


Speech pathology, also known as speech therapy, is a field of healthcare that is focused on the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of communication disorders, that can affect an individual's ability to speak, understand, read, write, and use language effectively


Speech pathology involves a wide range of services, including: speech sound disorders, Language disorders, Fluency disorders, Voice disorders, Swallowing disorders.

Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologists work with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, who are experiencing difficulties with their communication abilities.

What Does A Speech Pathologist Do?

Speech pathologists work in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and private practice. They may work with individuals one-on-one or in group settings, and they often work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care for their clients.

Speech pathologists evaluate a person's ability to speak, understand, read, write, and use language effectively.

Better Health Outcomes

Improved Physical Performance

Enhanced Quality of Life 

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Are you dealing with persistent problems in communication? Do you have difficulties related to your speech?

If you are experiencing any of these situations, it may be time to consult a Speech Pathologist at Abundant Living. We can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, develop a personalized treatment plan, and help you achieve your goals for improved health and wellness.

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